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The online gallery exclusively featuring contemporary French fine art from France.

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About us

We are an online gallery offering original, contemporary works from the cities, villages, and countryside of France.

However, we are more than just a gallery. We are devoted to a social mission: To ease the sting of poverty locally and around the world. Our vision is to:

  • Build a community of art lovers.

  • Tell the story behind the work.

  • Provide unprecedented support to our artists.

  • Make our world a better place through service to those in need.

Together we are building a place to share, create, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life together.  Join us today!

Art Gallery Categories

Florence Laurent Image

Cati Burnot

Florence Laurent Image

Anne Brérot

Lionel Borla

Marie-Pierre Hogret

Éric Lapszynski

Elyn Chen

Laurent Cabras

Elsa Claire Warot

Richard Dubure

Véronique Faravel

Véronique Guillou

Eleni Pappa Tsantilis

Bertrand Mahieu Portrait

Bertrand Mahieu

Florence Laurent Image

Florence Laurent

Florence Laurent Image

Régine Pivier-Attolini

Meet The Artists

Artists are the heart and soul of Galerie Jumelles.

We love our artists — and we know you will too!

From an emerging abstract painter in Paris, to a seasoned sculptor in her Provence studio, each of our carefully selected artists has a unique “behind the scenes” story of personal inspiration, challenge, exploration, courage, and creativity.

We encourage you to come and meet our artists at our monthly Wine & Works events, at an educational event, or on the pages of Jumelles Magazine.

new artist – cati burnot


Art, lifestyle, and community

Jumelles – the online magazine of Galerie Jumelles – is a publication devoted to sharing art and the secrets of intentional living. Through our magazine, we will build a community of art lovers working together to expand the reach of art and support artists.

Paris, home to the Louvre and countless museums, galleries, and studios, has long been called the “City of Art.” And when we speak of French art, discussions often give reverence to the greats, such as Monet, Matisse, and Cézanne…and so many more. The contributions of the French to modern art are beyond measure.

But where is French art today, and where is it going? There’s no better way to explore and discover answers to these questions than to learn about the lives and works of contemporary artists creating today.


Our online magazine brings you exclusive interviews with both emerging and established creatives, sharing stories that help you feel more personally connected to the artist and their work.

In addition, each month offers a mélange of articles on our latest works, current happenings in arts and culture, and intentional living tips inspired by the rich traditions of French lifestyle. Stay in the know and be the first to sign up for exclusive content and events.

latest news

Behind the Art: Meet Faravel

Behind the Art: Meet Faravel

  Behind the Art: Meet Faravel Véronique Faravel looks back on her childhood fondly. Growing up on a countryside farm, she had a front row view...

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