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“Unforgettable for their radiating softness, illustrious for their classical beauty, Eleni’s works exude beauty, emotion, and at times, melancholy.”

Communication via the spoken word is a defining feature of the human race. Throughout the millennia, language has transformed into a vehicle for humans to share ideas, emotions, and visions. Even still, words often fall short of expressing the true character of each individual’s reality. Artist Eleni Pappa-Tsantilis seeks to bridge that gap by creating art that exposes the subconscious and reveals the reality that she sees.

Tsantilis grew up near the coast of Greece, surrounded by the family and nature that inspires many of her current works. From a young age, she experimented in 3D media, creating clay sculptures and pottery… but rarely showcased them out of fear for her shortcomings. Her mother shared in this ravenous creativity, designing crafts such as embroidery and tapestry that filled Tsantilis’ childhood with beautiful surroundings. However, expected to pursue a more professional career, Tsantilis set out for a big city in Greece to study business administration.

Yet, Tsantilis did not let that stop her from pursuing her passion to create. Since then, she has lived between Switzerland and France, constantly making transformational paintings and experimenting with various media. There are no limits to the tools she uses to develop her concepts; using materials such as tar, sawdust, and leather, she sees potential in everything to blossom into a mode for self expression. Tsantilis works towards her artistic goals daily… seeking to challenge perfectionism by physically transposing her feelings honestly and thoroughly. Transcending spoken and written language, she both critiques and praises the human condition through the unique use of movement, depth, light, and color.

Tsantilis’ works are in private collections all over the world. She also has had several solo exhibitions and participates in international expositions in Switzerland, Austria, and France. To view her gallery or for more information, visit:

I hate perfectionism above all else! You can spend a lifetime trying to be perfect but you will not arise there! So why struggle with it?

Eleni Pappa-Tsantilis

Do any current events affect your work?

For several years I painted only abstract. At the beginning of the covid crisis, my inspiration was blocked and from this blockage was born a desire to paint masks… then I started to make faces, portraits.

Can you tell us something about your life that affects your work?

I have lived in the Middle East, Kuwait, Arab Emirates, Switzerland. Traveling has a magical influence on the way I see things around me…