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My provence, Your provence

Sharing the Beauty, Color, and Vibrancy of the South of France

Galerie Jumelles is pleased to present our newest VIRTUAL exhibition, My provence, Your provence, running through October 31, 2022. Presented by Galerie Jumelles in partnership with Alliance Française de Philadelphie, the exhibit showcases over 60 works of five artists living and working in Provence:  (click links for bio)

Véronique Faravel, Orange

Marie-Pierre Hogret, Ensuès-la-Redonne

Régine Pivier-Attolini, Martigues

Eleni Pappa Tsantilis, Brignoles

Elsa-Claire Warot, Lambesc

From the terracotta rooftops, to the mountains and cliffs, to lavender and sunflower fields, to the sparkling blue of the sea…Provence is a beloved place where painters have for years come to be inspired by the sheer energy of the region. This inspiration is revealed in the work of Véronique Faravel, whose abstract works colorfully represent the vibrations of words, and the paintings of Eleni Pappa Tsantilis, which represent the gentle, slow, and simple way of life in Provence. The exhibit was designed to bring into the living rooms of art lovers the inspiration found by modern artists in the Provence region.

Each of the artists in this exhibit brings a unique interpretation of the beauty found in the south of France through the use of a variety of mediums and techniques. The work of Marie-Pierre Hogret is purely abstract, representing the vibrancy found both in Provence and the place of her childhood, Madagascar. The works of Régine Pivier-Attolini play with the colors of Provence and their infinite variations to free herself from realistic representations to reveal the soul of Provence. Finally, our mixed media artist Elsa-Claire Warot creatively depicts the four seasons in Provence through four panels that she has specifically dedicated to her land..

The exhibit will be featured through October. To view, visit:, or click on the button below. Enjoy! 

About Alliance Française de Philadelphie  The Alliance Française de Philadelphie is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people learn French and deepen their knowledge of Francophone cultures. With more than 100 branches in the US and over 900 all around the world, the Alliance Française offers French classes for all levels from beginner to advanced speakers.  




When we began to pull this exhibit together, the driving force was “beauty”…in all its forms. In a world that can be so busy, we hope that this exhibit will encourage all who view it to slow down, and learn a little about art and our extraordinary artists. Most importantly, we hope that the exhibit will bring a little bit of beauty into all our lives.

Sierra M. Bretz, Galerie Jumelles founder