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Autoportrait à La Robe Miao (Self-Portrait in Miao dress)


Elyn Chen

Technique: Oil painting

Size: 145 x 96 cm (57.1 x 37.8 in)

Other details: Unique work of art, no frame

About the Artwork: Elyn dreams of other places and stories. The insane pace of the modern Chinese world, and its craze for progress, science, and technology, is causing traditional culture and history to disappear day after day.By wearing a traditional Chinese dress worn by women from an ethnic group she does not know, she wished to honor the life of the minorities of her country who, caught in the great turmoil of globalization, seem to become obliterated in their differences.A photographer will easily capture the moment of this dress. Elyn, in a figurative style that she masters perfectly, will quickly reproduce this snapshot, a tribute to the women who suffer a life that they did not choose, far from their roots, far from their history, and too far from their culture.

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