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Aurélie Charles

Technique: Coated acrylic

Size: 120 x 70 cm (47 x 28 in)

Other details: Cotton canvas, no framing

About the Artwork: She bears your initials. Why? Because you were there. You understood, you supported. And then because she looks like you and warns you. Be careful, she tells you, wanting war too much makes you bogged down. Your sea, rough as in Mistral weather, under a blazing sun. Lead that pulls you to the bottom. This black background, this abyss, these reefs and these razor blades that chain you and rock you to the sound of stagnation, of this hatred. You are this heavy bird of this fuel oil, which tries to spread its wings so large, so beautiful. You are the artist who flees, who acts as if, who does not try to create but who removes all the vices from it. As if he was afraid to shine, to go. This canvas will be your offensive and defensive Guernica. Black for black, white for white, light for everyone and everything.

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