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Honeycomb – Serenity in Design Exhibition


Véronique Guillou 

Technique: Collage materials.

Size: 103 x 103 cm (41 x 41 in) 

Other details: Wooden support and classic framing. 

About the Artwork: From the Metamorpha Collection.

The art of recycling and transforming. The metamorphosis of industrial materials into very natural paintings. Honeycomb: The metamorphosis of electrical sheaths and wires into a bee’s nest.

A honeycomb is the “house” of the bees where they build the cells which are used to store nectar and pollen but also to lay the eggs which will give the future bees. The construction of the cells starts as soon as the colony has taken over the site. The bees don’t waste any time because the survival of the colony depends largely on the construction of the cells, especially for storing pollen and nectar. But the cells are also used to house the queen’s freshly laid eggs.

The whole structure is made of wax made by the wax glands of the bees.

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