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Aurélie Charles

Technique: Oil painting, plastic, acrylic, gold leaf, blue lineum, blue bomb spray

Size: 100 x 100 cm (40 x 40 in)

Other details: 3D cotton canvas, no framing

About the Artwork: It was during the covid. The Italian region of Lombardy was isolated from the rest of the world and K-19 (the old version of K-22) was supposed to go to Milan for an exhibition in a contemporary art gallery.

However, we were struck by the virus (this region in particular) and had to wait a long time. During this period, I exchanged a lot with my Italian correspondents, both professionally and personally.

I masked the patterns, I stifled the paint, I muzzled the abstractions and I confined life under plastic. Like a virus on our bodies, our lungs and our lives, like the human hand on nature, marine life, the Amazon.

When Milan was able to finally revive, I believe the expo was the first one to open its doors. However, this painting could still not be physically present because we were still too confined in France.

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