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La Collision (The Collision)


Elyn Chen

Technique: Oil Painting

Size: 130 × 90 cm (51.19 X 35.13 in)

Other details: Unique work of art, no framing

About the Artwork: Elyn was born in the sprawling vastness of shanghai. the buildings with their inordinate height envy their ever-taller neighbors. the incessant tumult of the street, of its cars, its two-wheelers, its pedestrians, agitates the city from early morning until the heart of the night, a night of debauchery with ephemeral pleasures aspiring to a simple and peaceful life. far from the complexity of this “globalized” city, Elyn chose la Provence to find rest, the ability to contemplate a sometimes invasive nature, the possibility of seeing a flower grow that will eventually wither. la Provence allowed her to forget the clouds of shanghai. but she remains deeply attached to her original culture, that of her grandparents who raised her. the collision between her native culture and the culture she deliberately chose in wandering will always create “in her heart, this fierce conflict” that she often evokes. it is this collision that she usually expresses in her paintings. her departure from china was incomprehensible to many of her relatives. what they didn’t admit was that Elyn wanted to save her childlike heart, far from a city where everything is nothing but business, corruption and power. she wanted to find the way back to her naive childhood, to liberated creation. Elyn has discovered a second land but she is above all a citizen of the sky.

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