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L’Amour de Paris (The Love of Paris)


Elyn Chen

Technique: Oil painting

Size: Set of 2 canvases of 50 x 50 cm (2 canvases of 20 x 20 in)

Other details: Unique work of art, framed

About the Artwork: Although she would not like to live there, Elyn loves to walk in the streets of Paris. The loneliness of a dreamy walk, the nighttime drizzle that can make Paris so mysterious, took over Elyn’s vision that night. While observing those two parked bicycles, one for women, the other for men, she perceived the warmth and simplicity of a possible union. This is how she painted her first – and for the moment only – diptych to symbolize her quest for a love dreamed of in the coming together, in a common desire to be “side by side”.

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