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Lumière de Vie (Light of Life)


Elyn Chen

Technique: Oil painting

Size: 73 X 54 cm (28.74 x 21.25 in)

Other details: Unique work of art, no framing

About the Artwork: The palette of colors that surrounds us is immense and powerful. But we need dark elements to enhance the beauty of the colors. Life itself is iridescent. How many rumors, slanders, insults could have led Elyn to give up her art? But fortunately, the fire of life exists in her. Art draws its inspiration from earthly life but goes beyond it. Art and life complement each other. Without life, creation is water without a source. Without art, life is uncivilized. Elyn created this painting after being insulted, while being asked to “go home”.  She knew how to “civilize” bitter and malicious situations to create this painting where the thirst for truth and justice is expressed.

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