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Maritima – Serenity in Design Exhibition


Véronique Guillou 

Technique: Paper collages 

Size: 127 x 127 cm (50 x 50 in) 

Other details: Canvas base and American box framing. 

About the Artwork: From the Organic Collection.

A collection inspired by the natural and organic world.

Milky, creamy, ethereal, white is the color of a myriad of shades, the color that reveals itself in a monochromatic way. Large and majestic, “Maritima” is a free interpretation of a sea background. Dive into the Mediterranean Sea around Monaco and imagine yourself amongst gorgonians, sponges and coral reefs. An immersion where you could be faced with dotted sea slugs, sea cicadas, lobsters, conger eels but also spotted dogfish eggs hanging on the coral massifs.

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