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Aurélie Charles

Technique: Acrylic, spray paint, glycerine

Size: 120 x 70 cm (47 x 28 in)

Other details: Cotton canvas, no framing

About the Artwork: Lost between boredom and curiosity, I was once again strolling with my mother on a Thursday morning in Monaco, in an improbable carpet shop, etc. And then suddenly I saw you. Lacquered in black, with this small key and these Japanese-style golden patterns. You weren’t of great value but I wanted you. As it opened, a poorly reproduced little plastic dancer was spinning to the sound of a music box. I liked the mirrors and the red velvet straight away. You went with me everywhere. You hid my secrets and my little gems. You consoled my nieces when they were in pain. And then one day, I purposely broke you. The day he broke me. The distorted shadows that lined my heart then escaped as if Pandora was not a myth. And I captured them and I froze them in this sort of resin on this canvas at the turn of a magical moment… A diversion for a perfect trap in this freshly installed workshop. And that’s where you came back. My precious jewelry box. My musik box.

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