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Paradis En Enfer (Heaven In Hell)


Elyn Chen

Technique: Oil painting

Size: 54 x 38 cm (21.3 x 15 in)

Other details: Unique work of art, framed

About the Artwork: Thinking about Heaven and getting away from Hell: this is what everyone yearns for on a daily basis. Yet, we often live in Hell in our hearts. Greed, hatred, jealousy, ignorance, and resentment too easily challenge the depths of love. Heaven and Hell are not a vision of the world, they are the jolts of an unstable heart unable to push away bitter words and sorrow. In the course of a single day, the jolts can be numerous in this world-purgatory. Each of us has experienced this and it shows that Heaven and Hell are one and the same. Elyn painted this picture to enshrine her first love story in France with a man with a complex and painful relationship history. She often feels her heart skip a beat, everyday, sometimes every hour. It will take time for her to chase away Hell and believe again in Heaven, in the peace of her heart, in happiness.

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