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Aurélie Charles

Technique: Acrylic, gold leaf, parchment

Size: 92 x 73 cm (36 x 29 in)

Other details: Cotton canvas, no framing

About the Artwork: Exhibited at the Genoese Culture Foundation in the majestic and impressive Palazzo Ducale, this work is a thrilling and challenging theme “thoughts of the heart.” I was overwhelmed. My intuition told me that this painting would be the turning point in my life as a woman, heart and artist and I was not mistaken. But while the nuances of anguish stultified my canvas, envy and curiosity made me resume the path of reason. Shouldn’t being a contemporary artist serve research and draw their art from science, nature and self-giving? Certainly yes! And so that’s how I found the heart to think. Not a thought strewn with little red hearts (and which have nevertheless continued to accompany me since I was given something to write or draw) The heart sends more information to the brain than it receives, it is the only organ of the body endowed with this property –  it can inhibit or activate certain parts of the brain according to the circumstances. Does this mean that the heart can influence the way we think? It can influence our perception of reality, and therefore our reactions.

So, I had just passed a milestone in my life and the shame of not being able to think it through in my head…the heartbreak of refusing the heart’s appeals to the title that a woman must think and not feel in order to choose. These great principles and this filthy mantra of the heart (which has its reasons that reason ignores), had just shattered. The reason ignores because the reason is stupid, I tell myself then. And so, in one of my first attempts at painting, I hid under a white veil, my stories and sorrows. O how terrifying for such a small fragile heart!  It enveloped my own heart in a reassuring cocoon, as if to strengthen this membrane, the pericardium, which had failed me when I was barely finishing my major art studies.

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