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Vanités (Vanitas)


Elsa-Claire Warot

Technique: Wood, paint, different types of collage materials (paper, scotch tape, wood), drawing, patina, and varnish finish. Set of material elements to share a bit of my personal inner character  that is revealed during the construction of the panel.

Size: 80 x 53 x 3.5 cm (31.5 x 20.9 x 1.4 in)

Other details: Black and silver American box frame

About the Artwork: The female character seems to be indifferent to the ongoing fight between big and small fishes, she is actually focusing on another delicate and poetic object: a sphere in which the light of candles is reflected. Whether she likes it or not, the artist is listening to this invisible universe that she tries, by all means, to make visible, a universe that she carries within her without knowing its forms nor its contours.

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