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Vie de Couleurs (Life of Colors)


Elyn Chen

Technique: Oil painting

Size: 73 x 54 cm (28.7 x 21.3 in)

Other details: Unique work of art, framed

About the Artwork: Art will forever be Elyn’s greatest spiritual backbone and she knows how to thank Heaven for giving her the talent to create. The happiness she feels in front of her easel is probably the most intense sign she can convey. It is still in front of her easel that she wishes to reveal her conception of life and happiness, her commitment to a world where life is smiling, a dialectical life. The paths of life can be long or short, the moments of life can be happy or painful but if we can appreciate the sugary flavors, we also need to taste bitterness. Those paths are tortuous, but one needs to sometimes return home, in the warmth of their family, after having exhausted all the superfluous riches of an illusory world. When the hustle and bustle stops, when life gives us some rest, we have to look back at all our previous experiences in order to continue learning. We are the owners of our lives and we are the only ones to decide. It is possible to give up happiness as long as you want to and lose the glow that should light up any day, to follow your own path, to be an actor in your personal history, a history to be built in front of the beauty of mountains and rivers. When our personal story is not successful, when life has not spared us from its ingratitude, we must be persistent and celebrate everyday even if it has been synonymous with failure…this is not will not be the end of the world. Success is yet to come. Our dreams must inspire us and happiness will come to the one who will dare to claim it.

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