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Ville Contradictoire (Contradictory City)


Elyn Chen

Technique: Oil painting

Size: 150 x 150 cm (59.06 x 59.06 in)

Other details: Unique work of art, no framing

About the Artwork: To be born, to grow up, to grow old, to die: these are the fundamental laws of our earthly life. But although these are iron laws, they are also the ones that mankind has stubbornly ignored for thousands of years. The earthly life allows us to acquire so many things, sometimes even those we dream of. But is this really what we want? “Where do we come from, where are we going?”. By neglecting these common sense questions, by placing money, social status, fame, beauty in the foreground we have lost the sense of happiness, of the sublime, of harmony. The city will disappear and so will life.

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