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French Fine Art…Exclusively.

Galerie Jumelles is an online gallery offering original French fine art and specializing in high-quality paintings, sculpture, and mixed media.

Inspired by the beauty of the language and the rich traditions of the French lifestyle, Galerie Jumelles is an inclusive community currently representing 16 diverse artists who join us “by-invitation.”

However, we are more than just a gallery. We are devoted to a social mission: To provide aid to those living in poverty in our community.

Our vision is to:

  • Build a community of art lovers.

  • Tell the story behind the work.

  • Provide unprecedented support to our artists.

  • Make our world a better place through service to those in need.

Together we are building a place to share, create, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life together.  Join us today!

    Jumelles Magazine

    Each month in our online magazine, Jumelles, readers will enjoy new feature stories on art, lifestyle and intentional living. Also included are intimate interviews with artists and collectors, sharing the stories behind the art.

    Our Gift Boutique:
    Complimenting our gallery, our boutique was launched to bring even more beauty into your home and life. The boutique currently offers “Sacs for SOS,” with 100% of the profits supporting our work with the SOS orphanage in Tahiti.  In 2023, our boutique will expand to offer artisan goods and specialty finds from across the globe.


    Galerie Jumelles was built on the foundational beliefs that good art should be accessible to all and that art can change lives. We believe that art can:

    * Build bridges.

    * Bring Heal.

    * Be a vehicle for open communication.

    * Be a universal connector.

    To read more about the community work that we have begun, visit our Philanthropy page.



    Founder & CEO


    Sierra M. Bretz is the founder and ceo of Galerie Jumelles, leading the company to achieve its vision of bringing French fine art to the US and to collectors worldwide. However, above all, she is a passionate advocate for artists and is dedicated to improving our world through art and service to the community.

    Prior to founding Jumelles, Sierra’s eclectic background included years as a nonprofit executive and management consultant, as well as a business owner. She launched several state/city initiatives, and in her “free time,” Sierra served as a yoga teacher and meditation guide.

    While Sierra was fortunate to briefly study at the Sorbonne in Paris, she received her BS  and MA in the US from Temple University and Eastern University. Her career began in the business world, but Sierra’s true passion has always been in the arts, simmering below the surface. She has continuously studied art history and various artistic mediums/techniques, enjoying over 6 years of formal training in the studio.

    In the past, Sierra has been able to merge her broad business background with her love for the arts to collaborate with artists on various humanitarian projects. But it was 2021 when everything changed. In March of that year Sierra “closed” her old life and moved briefly to France, finally actualizing her lifelong dream. And Galerie Jumelles was born.