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Behind the Art: Meet Faravel

Véronique Faravel looks back on her childhood fondly. Growing up on a countryside farm, she had a front row view of the circle of life: from the sowing of the first seeds, to watching them grow, to the harvest. She connected daily to nature and the elements, and loved to watch the stars in the evening sky. She felt free and in contact with something bigger than herself…she was a small part of a marvelous and expansive universe.

When she was 15, a teacher detected Faravel’s artistic talents and contacted her parents to suggest art school. However, Faravel’s parents were not keen on the idea and felt it wasn’t a “real profession.”  Faravel was also a bit afraid, so she made a decision and studied accounting instead.

While Faravel was working in public accounting, she was suddenly faced with her company’s restructure. This triggered her to consider studying and practicing art again. Then one day, in the middle of a decorating project in her mother’s home, Faravel overheard her mother say “my daughter is an artist.” That was the inspiration she needed!  Hearing this pushed her to dive back into her first love: painting.



A year of new beginnings

In 2017, Faravel plunged back into painting and never looked back. She officially registered as an artist (something the French government requires of professional artists), and successfully exhibited in her very first professional expo. Following the show, she traveled to China where she exhibited with 30 Chinese artists – and received a very warm welcome! Faravel then began to collaborate with a Chinese fashion designer who warmly dubbed her as the “Red Angel Charity Ambassador.”

While in China, Faravel participated in a charity collection. She was able to bring the funds to an institution caring for children with brain issues and was overwhelmed by the experience. Now, Faravel’s greatest goal as an artist is to one day be able to create a foundation for children and to use her art in the service of something bigger.

A Spirit of Giving

“To be an artist is to give something to people. It is a form of therapy because when we create, we put our energy into it…a powerful energy.” Véronique Faravel 


The words we would use to describe Faravel:  Kind. Compassionate. Caring. Grateful. Passionate. Creative. Beautifully talented.

But more than that, WORDS are very important to Faravel’s creative process.

“When I paint, I begin with meditation to free my mind. I get in touch with the sky and the earth. I let my energy flow and let my hand express with freedom.“ explained Faravel. “It can be complicated to explain, but I paint the words that come to me during my meditations…the vibrations, the energy of words. That is what you find afterwards on the canvas.”

For Faravel, painting is like a form of writing. Words have an impact on people, they have a force, like a heavy weight. They can also have a virtuous effect…they can heal or be destructive. However, according to Faravel, not everyone understands her approach. But for those who do, for those who connect to her art, they often feel transported…it moves them, often to tears.

A Recent Evolution

Recently, Faravel did a training session on energy. She was given a card to select, and it contained Hebrew letters. According to Faravel, “While selecting this card, I felt a force of energy deep inside of me…it was a revelation! Since then, I’ve painted the energy I feel from the Hebrew letters.”

Faravel is inextricably attracted to the Hebraic language. Two questions she continually asks herself:

How can I materialize the energy of the words onto canvas?

* How can we reveal what’s hidden by making what’s invisible visible?

The words, the letters, resonate with her…and the way that she connects, interprets, and responds to the words…this is what she puts on the canvas. How she interacts with these words affects the movement and colors within her painting. 

I hope my painting will allow people to find some well-being because on the canvas I put messages, messages of peace, messages of love, messages to help people feel good.”

Véronique Faravel

A Childhood Story: The Power of Words

I first became aware at the age of 10 of the power of words. I had a dog Rita, she looked after me. One day she died. We buried her on the farm.  I would always visit her grave, I needed to stay connected to her. I would speak to her almost everyday. Five years later, my father did some work on the farm. While digging, the workers came across the body of a dog: they called my father and told him that they had just found a buried dog. When my father got closer, he saw that it was Rita’s corpse,  it had remained almost intact after all those years. That’s when I asked myself: if the dog is intact, does that mean that the words I said to her everyday at the place where she was buried helped to keep her almost intact? 

I wondered: do words have an influence on matter? 

“The Japanese Masaru Emoto has shown that words have an action on water and more particularly on water crystals. The crystals can have a different organization according to the words pronounced on the surface of the water. Emoto says that man is mainly composed of water, words certainly have an influence on our body.”

Véronique Faravel: creation process