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We are proud to introduce Goddesses of French Art: A retrospective celebrating the extraordinary women who have influenced and shaped the French art world over the last two centuries.

Co-edited by Jumelles founder, Sierra Bretz, and art historian, Emma Martin, this bi-weekly series brings us from the Belle Époque, when Paris was the center of the art universe, to our eclectic art world of today. We invite you to join us as we promenade through time – down the cobblestone boulevards of Paris, across the colorful fields of Provence, and through the winding streets of the villages of France. Together, we will discover and celebrate female French artists, muses, models, dealers, collectors, critics and more.

Our series will share with readers the successes, failures, challenges, scandals, and tragedies of women from all walks of life. From marginalized models at the edge of society , to prestigious collectors and taste-makers, each of these women, many of whom were overshadowed by the male ‘giants’ of their time, have a unique story to be shared.

The truth is surprising. The drama seems endless. And the impact they have made is truly great. Stay tuned for our first feature on artist and model, Victorine Meurent, on Sunday, January 2.

“Olympia,” Édouard Manet , 1863.