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Meet The Painters

Laurent cabras

Laurent Cabras is a self-taught artist born in 1969, in Marseille. A meticulous perfectionist, he likes to take on challenges by constantly experimenting with new processes. “Painting is not only the act of putting paint on a canvas, it is everything that happens before, including the preparation of materials, and the choice of pigments,” Laurent says.

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Éric Lapszynski

Éric Lapszynski is a French, self-made, postmodern, professional designer and painter of Ukrainian origin. Born on July, 12th 1968 in Paris, Éric has been featured in solo exhibitions in France and the Netherlands, and has been in galleries in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Miami, and Houston.

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Despite a career promised to be successful in China, Elyn decided in 2010 to to settle in France, country of light, culture and adoptive home of Van Gogh. The Luberon region, with its exceptional light, its colors to be observed in the morning as well as in the evening, was to be her chosen land of aesthetics.

Passionate. Rebellious. Creative. These are words that can be used describe Elyn Chen, prolific painter living her dreams in the South of France.

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Lionel Borla

Lionel Borla was born on August 3, 1974 in Menton in the extreme south-east of France, a town very close to Italy, the country where his family origins are rooted. That gave him a taste for beauty and an infinite love for the Mediterranean.

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Marie-Pierre hogret

Marie Pierre HOGRET, born in 1967, is native of Reunion Island. Her childhood in Madagascar was marked by fabulous lights and colors that have forever engraved in her existence, an indelible imprint giving birth to an artist’s soul in love with colors. For many years, she would passionately practice drawing in her spare time…

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Richard Dubure

Richard Dubure was born in 1952 in Paris and has been living in Ussel in Corrèze since 1979. He works essentially with oil and knife. Inspired by his father Gilbert Dubure, a painter, he began painting early on and quickly found his artistic voice.

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Véronique Faravel

Véronique Faravel was born in 1973 in Orange, France in the heart of the Provence region. She spent her childhood in the French countryside, where she ventured to contemplate life and question its mysteries. It was in that environment that a need to create arose and became rooted in her personal life.

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Eleni Pappa Tsantilis

I am a visual artist born in Greece. The last 30 years I have lived between Switzerland and France where I actually live and work.

Every new painting is for me a long and intense journey through my emotions which are expressed through colours, textures, and forms.

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Bertrand Mahieu Portrait

Bertrand Mahieu

After Mahieu’s musical education, he was a concertmaster in the Rouen opera orchestra from 1993 to 2015. After being forced to put an end to his musical career, Mahieu became fully devoted to plastic art which he had been practicing as an amateur from a young age.

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Florence Laurent

Florence Laurent is a French painter living in the heart of the Montpellier garrigue in the south of France. Her studio is nestled in an old limestone quarry, reclaimed by pines, holm oaks, rockrose and thyme. This idyllic setting, which has inspired many painters in the past (Cézanne), is the starting point for her work.

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Florence Laurent Image
Bertrand Mahieu Portrait


Régine grew up with the song of the cicadas in Martigues in the South East of France. From a very young age, she was passionate about art and painting, following a course of study in plastic arts in high school. She obtained her teaching diploma. She practiced this profession for several years and continued to paint in parallel.

When alone in front of her canvas, she feels an immense freedom: that of dreams and the magic of imaginary worlds. She started with group exhibitions and then quickly realized her first personal exhibitions.

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Born in 1962 in Angers, France, Anne Brérot has been painting for 40 years in search of the right light in order to captivate the emotion of those who will look at her paintings. She immerses us in the colors and materials of the world between landscapes, still lifes and characters. Breathing life into a fruit, a sky or a smile, that’s her work!


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Bertrand Mahieu Portrait

cati burnot

My approach is to capture the permanent illusion called reality, Life, through the prism of the vibration of the heart… and at other times to convey a dream, nestled comfortably in the space of our unconscious memory… This universal language, made of sensitivity and strength, gives life to my works which are intended to soothe the soul, to be a vibratory awakening to bring well-being, and energetic equilibrium, in other words, to induce in the viewer the first outline of some unconscious work on themselves.

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