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Finding Your Signature Style

In a way, your home is an extension of you. Just like the clothes you wear reflect what you like and who you are, so too does the art you display in your home. 

However, for those of you just beginning your art collection, the best advice we can give: Be true to yourself.

No really. We mean it. Don’t worry about art as an investment – maybe in 30 years the prices of your works will be higher, but for now, enjoy!  Don’t worry about what anyone else loves…be concerned only with what you love!

Our goal today is to help you define your art personality so you can build a collection that truly reflects your heart and soul, your goals, interests, passions  and your unique sense of style.



Many people when they begin collecting art have an incomplete idea of what they like. To begin, the most important step is to “know thyself.” How? Start by answering these questions:

  1. Why do you want to collect art?

  2. What do you want to accomplish?

  3. What moves you? Some people are led by emotion. Some are led by rational thought. Some people like structure, others prefer meaningful chaos. What works for you?

  4. What art are you drawn to?

–  Painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, or crafts?

–  Do you like realism, or abstract art (or something in between)?

–  What subject matter do you most enjoy? Portraits, landscapes, nature, animals, geometric shapes, abstract, still life, collage?

–  What colors are you drawn to? Do you fancy bright, intense colors or muted, softer tones?

–  What’s important to remember is that every person is unique  and THAT is what will make your collection one-of-a-kind. 



Regardless of where you are in your collector’s journey, one thing is certain; learning art is a lifelong pursuit. The more you know about the styles, mediums, methods, and current trends out therethe more you’ll understand your own preferences and tastes.

Be a student again! Here’s how:

  1. View Art – lots of it – Become an Art Addict!

Visit museums; attend lectures, workshops, and classes; go to gallery openings; and read…read…read. Of course, another great place to start is by viewing our gallery. You can search by style, medium, size, artisthowever you likesee what catches your eye! Click here to view our gallery.

  1. Be Structured Create a Plan

Starting this journey without setting goals, writing them down, and having something to measure  well, it’s like thinking you’ll win the lottery without buying a ticket. We suggest having a daily, weekly, or monthly learning plan. What can you commit to?  30 minutes of learning a day? 60 minutes? Here are some specific ideas on how to get started:

–  Read one new art book a month.

–  Start small  commit to read one article per day, view one video a day, one podcast.

–  Learn one new art term per day. (Try using an app or even flash cards!)

–  Go to at least 1-2 art related events per week. Start conversations with people in the room. Nothing helps you learn more than questions and curiosity.

–  Choose one artist per week to study. Spend some time each day learning about the artist and their work.

–  Choose one painting per day to do a deep dive into. Study it, take notes, talk about it with friends, learn as much as you can about it.

–  Analyze ten works of art each week in one particular style, then talk about it with your friends.

Knowing yourself and starting a learning planDefine and Refineare the first steps to beginning or growing a collection that will grow in harmony for many years to come. Bon courage!   


What's Next & New??

Coming up next:  In our next article, we’ll create a strategy and budget for your collection. Then we’ll show you how to document, frame, and care for your works  and finally select your first (or next) piece! 

Dear collectors,

The purpose of the “Collectors Corner” is to provide informational articles and interviews to help you fall in love with art…every day.

Loving art is constantly exploring, learning, and living it. We hope that this new column helps you find your own personal style and path to success. We are all unique…your collection will be too.